As a company’s Knowledge Base grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep it organized and up-to-date. Duplicates, outdated content and incorrect information can lead to a decrease in efficiency and user satisfaction. That’s where TRIDOC comes in.

TRIDOC is a cutting-edge text analytics tool developed by avato that provides valuable insights into your Knowledge Base. With TRIDOC, you can optimize your Knowledge Base and improve its overall efficiency by identifying quick wins and pain points.

With just a few clicks, you can start analyzing your Knowledge Base and gaining valuable insights into its performance.

What makes TRIDOC unique?

Here’s what makes TRIDOC stand out:

What really sets TRIDOC apart is its platform-agnostic approach. TRIDOC can analyze any Knowledge Base, no matter the source system, and provide the results in the preferred BI tool. This allows to seamlessly integrate TRIDOC into existing workflows.

TRIDOC suggests improvements and changes, but does not change the content itself; a human in the loop is still needed. This ensures that the Knowledge Base remains accurate and up-to-date, and that the changes made are in line with the company’s goals and objectives.


Using TRIDOC brings several benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: TRIDOC provides comprehensive insights into your Knowledge Base, allowing you to identify quick wins and pain points and make improvements where necessary. This can help increase the efficiency of your Knowledge Base and boost your team’s productivity.
  • Improved user satisfaction: With TRIDOC, you can ensure that your Knowledge Base contains accurate, up-to-date information, which can lead to improved user satisfaction.
  • Better decision-making: TRIDOC provides a measurable view of your Knowledge Base, which can help you make informed decisions on what to work on next. This can help you prioritize your efforts and focus on areas where you can have the biggest impact.
  • Making Knowledge measurable: TRIDOC makes it possible to measure the performance of your Knowledge Base, which is tricky. This can help you understand how your Knowledge Base is being used and identify areas for improvement.

TRIDOC is installed in the client environment and can be used directly after installation. It runs measurements regularly and the results can be used for reporting. This allows you to monitor the performance of your Knowledge Base over time and make improvements where necessary.


In conclusion, TRIDOC is the ultimate solution for optimizing your Knowledge Base. With its comprehensive insights, platform-agnostic approach, and human in the loop, TRIDOC can help you improve your Knowledge Base’s efficiency and boost your team’s productivity. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started, and the platform-agnostic approach ensures that it can be used with any Knowledge Base, no matter the source system.

Get in touch with us to learn more about this innovative tool and how it can help you optimize your Knowledge Base. 


Date: April 2023

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