The knowledge management in tech industry is set for success with the TRIDOC Monitor app, our latest in-house innovation. This AI-supported solution optimizes monitoring processes for upper management and knowledge managers. It allows entities to observe their information reserves through real-time visualizations of key performance indicators and insights. The TRIDOC Monitor caters to your organization’s needs with its sleek user dashboard. It is compatible with either the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Power BI and other platforms.

“AI First” Approach:

Supported by Artificial Intelligence, TRIDOC Monitor pairs tried-and-tested practices with leading-edge AI-backed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), propelling monitoring capacities into uncharted heights. This technology breakthrough allows organizations to access unrivalled knowledge base performance insights. The KPIs and insights span from age of the article, through legibility and time to read, to advanced duplicate detection. The result is state-of-the-art scores that factor multiple KPIs to assess relevance, correctness, and completeness of the knowledge base. Moreover, AI-readiness score shows how well knowledge base can be used to feed large language models.

Monitoring Revolutionized:

The next-generation TRIDOC Monitor app simplifies and enhances the monitoring process, enabling avato’s knowledge managers to revolutionize your information assets. Harnessing real-time data, you can base decisions on data and optimize your knowledge base like never before. The elegant and user-friendly dashboard of the TRIDOC Monitor app supports comprehensive data visualization. Beyond SAC and power BI, it prides itself on being platform agnostic, providing a suite of visualization capabilities that help track and analyze crucial KPIs and insights. With TRIDOC Monitor’s groundbreaking real-time data analysis capabilities, your decision-making processes are not only proactive but also facilitate perpetual growth.

Toggle Decision Making & Collaboration:

However, the TRIDOC Monitor app’s perks extend beyond data analysis for knowledge managers. The ground-breaking solution substantially improves decision-making and cultivates productive collaborations. What sets the TRIDOC Monitor app apart is its fusion of robust analytics brought to your fingertips via a user-friendly interface. This intelligent tool provides a visual and intuitive KPI tracking system that not only offers a deep understanding of your metrics. It also fosters consistency, enhances productivity, and fosters your organization’s growth. Eventually, it allows to prepare your knowledge base for AI transformation with other apps such as Copilot.
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In a Nutshell:

The TRIDOC Monitor App and Dashboard represent a robust knowledge base monitoring system that adds significant value by providing deep insights and promoting efficient collaborative planning. Embrace the AI transformation wave, and allow avato’s knowledge managers to offer you an unparalleled level of service to prepare your knowledge base to AI revolution by already using its perks today.


Date: April 2024

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