We’re proud to highlight the outstanding achievement of our colleague, Joanna Danilkiewicz, following her exceptional presentation titled “Deep Quality Analysis to Elevate Content” at  TC World 2023 in Stuttgart! Her session provided invaluable insights and takeaways:

Real Projects & Future Vision: Joanna’s presentation took a deep dive into real-life projects, offering inspiring case studies and a visionary outlook on content quality analysis. By showcasing tangible examples and projecting future trends, attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of implementing quality analysis in practical scenarios, fostering both inspiration and practical application.

KPIs from Web Analytics & Content Quality: Through a detailed exploration, Joanna illustrated the profound connection between key performance indicators (KPIs), their origins in web analytics, and their direct correlation to content quality. Attendees gained a nuanced understanding of how data from web analytics can drive content quality improvements, shaping a holistic approach to performance measurement.

Documentation Quality Techniques: Delving into methodologies and tools, Joanna highlighted powerful techniques such as content tagging and duplicate detection. Attendees discovered how these methods effectively assess and enhance documentation quality, providing actionable strategies to elevate content clarity, accuracy, and relevance.

Content AI Integration Strategy: Insights provided a strategic roadmap for seamlessly integrating content AI into content strategies. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of how AI technologies can augment content creation, optimization, and distribution. By showcasing a forward-thinking approach to innovation, the session inspired attendees to consider AI as a catalyst for transformative content strategies.

Elevating Content Quality through Innovation! – Our collegues impactful presentation highlighted the path toward elevating content quality through innovative strategies. Her insights into real projects, coupled with a visionary outlook, painted a vivid picture of the transformative power within content analysis and optimization.

We’re thrilled about the prospect of implementing these invaluable insights into our operations, benefitting avato’s clients profoundly. A heartfelt congratulations to Joanna Danilkiewicz for her remarkable contribution, and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the enriching discussions at TC World 2023!


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Date: November 2023
Contact: marketing@avato.net

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