The Tokyo General Availability release, planned at the end of Q3 2022, will include exciting new products and applications, as well as additional features and fixes for existing products. As of August 4, 2022, the Tokyo Early Availability is already at hand for those who want a sneak peek.

Let’s have a look at some of the most notable, new HRSD features that come with the Tokyo release.

Admin Center

The brand-new Admin Center accommodates a central workspace for platform owners and admins to access platform capabilities, discover new applications, and get actionable insights.

This Now Platform feature will make it possible to discover the capability of the available applications and how they can be implemented to work towards achieving your business goal.

HR Service Delivery Process Optimization

The integration of the HR Service Delivery application with the Process Optimization application enables you to analyze processes relevant to your KPIs, and identify bottlenecks associated with HR service cases and, if applicable, Lifecycle Events cases.

HRSD Process Optimization options include: the ability to map processes across system and functional boundaries based on data analysis; identify frequent, consistent, and repeated tasks that are suitable for automation; link process maps to KPIs to perform root cause analysis and identify drivers of performance.

Manager Hub

Manager Hub enhances the self-service of managers and the proactive engagement with their team by providing insights and suggested actions for what’s most essential to drive team success.

A couple of key features: a clear overview of team requests that need to be approved or tasks that require attention; create and publish customized plans for key employee transitions, such as career growth and internal mobility, using the Journey Accelerator; automate the new hire onboarding process using Journey Designer.

This feature helps to scale down managers time and actions and helps them focus on things that will keep their team supported and engaged.

Document Template Integration with DocuSign and AdobeSign

This integration enables the use of the DocuSign application and the Adobe Sign application for signing documents that are generated from ServiceNow Document Templates. It allows multiple participants to collaboratively work on a single document. Furthermore, you can choose a signing type, select a signing partner, and sign with a mobile device or from any portal.

More information regarding the Tokyo release can be found on: Tokyo release notes (


Date: 2022

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