Last week I visited  tcworld, a conference for technical communication. It took place on-site in  Stuttgart for the first time since the covid outbreak, and I could attend in person. 
Being at the conference showed me what I had been missing out on throughout the last two years. Not only was I able to hear some great presentations, but also network with other attendees more intensely than is possible online. I learned from industry leaders, met with experts in the field and got their insights on the latest trends. 
Especially the presentation “Automatischer Ontologieaufbau – Quality in, Quality out” (Automatically building ontologies – Quality in, Quality out) by  Congree Language Technologies GmbH  and Mercedes-benz AG  showed what is possible in terms of ontologies and knowledge graphs  when you have good data quality. What an incentive to keep your  data clean. 
Sometimes attending from the comfort of one’s home might seem tempting, but you are missing out. It´s time to leave your comfort zone once again, so if you have the opportunity to attend a conference in person, I highly recommend it! 


Date: 2022

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