Knowledge and expertise are two of the most valuable assets for essentially each organization. Properly managing these assets directly improves customer experience, workflows process optimization, knowledge retention, and a culture of learning.

What is the ServiceNow Knowledge Management (KM) application?

The ServiceNow KM application is a well-functioning tool that adequately captures, stores, and manages this knowledge and experience.
The application has become widely established through its functionality and usability; some subsequent flaws are however luring around the corner:

We live in times where we are bombarded with data which is continuously changing. What worked well yesterday soon becomes antiquated. The fast pace of day-to-day business forms a challenge to keep an organizations’ knowledge bases up-to-date. With hundreds, if not thousands of knowledge articles — which form the basis of the ServiceNow self-service concept in general — an overview of all know-how is difficult to maintain.
Continuously skimming through all knowledge to detect outdated, redundant or incorrect data is a costly endeavor. One would need to go all lengths to analyze the reliability and maturity of your knowledge base. How can you address this challenge?

What is Knowledge Mining?

In the world of big data, data mining is the process of extracting valuable information and insights from large data sets by using Artificial Intelligence. Knowledge Mining as a subcategory of Data mining focuses on knowledge instead of data. It allows to automatically extract intelligent information from a variety of sources, including unstructured data such as text, images, and videos. Therefore, it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a method of artificial intelligence that can analyze text and understand its meaning. Using NLP, it is possible to improve the quality of Knowledge Bases in an automated way.

Why should I use Knowledge Mining for ServiceNow Knowledge Bases?

Knowledge mining can be used to identify, extract and rate relevant information from ServiceNow. It can flag articles in the KB as reliable or outdated and help with maintaining the KB. This makes it easier and more fun to work with for customer service representatives, IT professionals and other employees.
There are many benefits to using Knowledge Mining for ServiceNow Knowledge Bases. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it helps you to find the information you need quickly and easily, like the responsible for a specific topic. This can save you a lot of time and frustration, especially if you are working on a complex project with multiple stakeholders.
Another benefit of Knowledge Mining for ServiceNow is that it boosts the accuracy of your knowledge base. By mining data from multiple sources, information can be cross-checked to ensure it is correct. This helps to prevent misinformation from spreading and ensures that your knowledge base is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
Finally, Knowledge Mining improves the overall quality of your knowledge base. By constantly mining data and adding new and relevant information, you can make sure that your knowledge base is comprehensive and of the highest quality. This will make it more useful for everyone using it.

How to get started with Knowledge Mining for ServiceNow Knowledge Bases – avato’s Knowledge Analytics App

ServiceNow Knowledge Bases offer a wealth of data that can be extremely valuable for ServiceNow users looking to improve their workflows and optimize their processes. So, how can you get started with Knowledge Mining for ServiceNow Knowledge Bases? Well, luckily, there is no need to reinvent the wheel – avato’s Prodigy Analytics App has you covered! The Prodigy Analytics App is a solution that enables you to analyze ServiceNow Knowledge Bases quickly and easily for insights that help you streamline your workflows and improve the maturity and reliability of your KB.
Best of all, it is simple to use. The App will automatically generate a report that includes all the insights gleaned from the data mining process. This report can be exported to Excel for further analysis or displayed as a Dashboard.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started with Knowledge Mining for ServiceNow Knowledge Bases, avato’s Prodigy Analytics App is the perfect solution!


Date: 2022

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